Boost Your Engine’s Fuel Economy, Power and Reliability

Boost Your Engine’s Fuel Economy, Power and Reliability

Contact DAK Diesel for a TrueSaver 25 hybrid fuel system in Bismarck, ND

Start reaping the rewards of better fuel economy and increased horsepower with a TrueSaver 25 system installed by DAK Diesel. The TrueSaver 25 system will:

  • Eliminate DPF and EGR clogging
  • Decrease the soot level in engine oil
  • Decrease maintenance and downtime
  • Increase fuel economy by 15-30%

DAK Diesel is an authorized dealer and installer of the TrueSaver 25 hybrid fuel system. We take the time to install your system properly the first time around. Get in touch with our specialists with any questions you have about the TrueSaver 25 system.

Start saving big from day one

Enhance your engine’s performance with a TrueSaver 25 system. The TrueSaver company offers free installation on one unit to companies with over 100 trucks. If you’re satisfied with the results, you can purchase the unit.

Many local and national competitors are taking advantage of the TrueSaver 25 system. Ashely Furniture, which operates over 1,300 trucks across the United States, are in the process of installing the TrueSaver 25 system on their fleet. This switch is projected to increase the average fuel economy by 25%, saving the company $1.2 million per month in fuel costs alone.

Enjoy similar benefits by calling DAK Diesel right away to install a TrueSaver 25 system.